Happy Wars – Neues Update verfügbar



Seit heute steht das neue Update für Happy Wars zum Download bereit. Durch diese Aktualisierung soll vorallem das Matchmaking-System stabiler werden.

Improvement of matchmaking for the Xbox One version
• Matchmaking is now more stable in the Lobby, and disconnects due to network errors are now less likely.
• We plan further matchmaking system improvements to come.
• Release of a new difficulty level for Co-op Mode: “Hell’s Challenge”
• The difficulty is very challenging, but when you clear it, you can receive lots of Co-op Points.
• Players of rank 40 and above are invited to give “Hell’s Challenge” a try!
• Readjusted BOT AI for the Co-op Mode enemies
• We’ve tweaked the AI of the special Co-op Mode enemies “Grim Reaper” and “Gatekeeper”.
• 4 New quests added
• Various kinds of bug fixes

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