Forza Horizon 2 – Carpack für Januar gibt Rätsel auf


Diesen Monat veröffentlichen Turn 10 Studios ein neues Carpack für Forza Horizon 2. Was genau dieses Pack beeinhaltet, ist noch geheim. Jedoch gibt es aus dem offiziellen Forza Forum folgende Hinweise, die entschlüsselt werden wollen.

Car 1 Clue one

Born in a new era where a large part of the world was redefining itself.

Car 1 Clue 2

Sometimes less is more.

Car 2 Clue one

The original rad vehicle that opened up the great outdoors to many more enthusiasts.

Car 3 Clue one

The smile on its face will put a smile on your face. MORE WAGON!

Car 4 Clue one

Mr. Whipple will undoubtedly make you „Enjoy the go.“

Car 4 Clue two

More than just a decal package.

Car 5 Clue one

First in Forza!

Car 5 Clue two

How soon will this car be available exclusively in Forza Horizon 2? That soon.

Car 6 Clue one

„I don’t believe I was going over 55.“ „You were going 55 backwards“

Car 6 Clue two.

I’m adding a bonus guessing opportunity this month. Try and guess what car is the free car of the pack.

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